Manager update
  Device recognition
  Firmware update
  Firmware restore
   After recognizing device, users can restore to the backup firmware information file including firmware information and device settings. The backup firmware information file is made whenever updating firmware is committed. Only the last backup firmware information file can be restored.

   The [Firmware restore] page opens by pressing the [FIRMWARE RESTORE] button among the work list buttons or pressing the [FIRMWARE RESTORE] button at the [Firmware update] page as below:
Firmware restore
   In the case of device in firmware management mode, the manager cannot display the information of the device connected to the PC. It can neither configure the device setting nor make backup firmware information file on updating firmware.
   In this case, the [Firmware restore] page is displayed as below:
Firmware restore in firmware management mode
  • [Backup Firmware Information] text field
  • : displays information of backup firmware.
  • [RESTORE] button
  • : starts restoring firmware corresponding to backup firmware information file.
  • [FIRMWARE UPDATE] button
  • : opens the [Firmware update] page.
  • [NEXT >] button
  • : opens the [Device setting] page.
  • [< BACK] button
  • : opens the [Device recognition] page.
   After users pressing the [RESTORE] button, the manager takes steps as below:
  1. Restoring firmware.
  2. Recognizing device after successfully restoring firmware.
  3. Displaying the [Firmware restore] page with information of device with restored firmware.
   If restoring firmware is successful, the [Firmware restore] page will appear with message of success and information of device with the restored firmware as below:
Firmware restored successfully
   If there is no backup firmware information file or the manager cannot connect to the server, it is impossible to restore firmware and settings. In these cases, the [Firmware restore] page displays error messages to notify users that restoring is impossible.

   If the manager has never updated firmware of the selected device, then there is no backup firmware information file and the [Firmware restore] page opens as below:
Firmware restore without backup firmware
   If the manager fails to connect to the server, the [Firmware restore] page is displayed as below:
Firmware restore without connection to server
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  Failure in restoring firmware
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