Sena Bluetooth Device Manager is an application for updating firmware and configuring Sena Bluetooth Devices such as 50S, 50R, 30K, 20S, 10S, 5S, 10C, 10C EVO, 10C Pro, 10U, 10Upad, 10R, SF Series, LSE-01, SRL, SRL2, Cavalry, Cavalry Lite, Momentum, Momentum EVO, Momentum Pro, Momentum INC, Momentum INC Pro, Momentum Lite, X1, X1S, X1 Pro, R1, R1 EVO, R1 EVO CS, Savage, Pro Ride, ProRide2, Econo, OUTSTAR, OUTRUSH, Tufftalk, Tufftalk M, Tufftalk Lite, SMH10, SMH10R, SMH5, SMH5-FM, SMH3, 3S, 3S PLUS, SPH10, SPH10S, SPH10H, SPH10H-FM, EXPAND, Expand Boom, Bluetooth Audio Pack, SR10, PRISM, Latitude SR/SX/S1, Snowtalk, Snowtalk2, +Mesh, MeshPort Blue/Red and SM10. It helps restoring the backup firmware and settings.
Sena Bluetooth Device Manager
   There are five steps to manage device as below:
  • [Welcome]
  • : is the step where users can start device manager.
  • [Device recognition]
  • : is the step where users can get instructions on how get Sena Bluetooth devices recognized by Sena Bluetooth Device Manager. Pressing the [NEXT >] button triggers recognition of device. Once a device is recognized, users can update firmware or change device setting.
  • [Firmware update]
  • : is the step where users can update firmware.
  • [Firmware restore]
  • : the step where users can restore backup firmware and setting.
  • [Device setting]
  • : is the step where users can change device setting.
   Users can easily deal with Sena Bluetooth Devices by taking these steps.
  Release Notes
  Manager update
  Device recognition
  Firmware update
  Firmware restore
  Device setting